THW ban school uniforms

Questions to consider

Is it important to feel part of a school community?

Does a school uniform lead to a feeling of community?

Does the cost of school uniform have an impact on poorer families?

Do you feel that school uniform takes away the individuality and personality of the student?

Do you believe school uniforms take away the worry of bullying in schools over clothing?

Do you believe school uniforms enhance the reputation of the school?

Does a school uniform make a student safer outside the school grounds?

Do you believe school uniforms make communities feel safer?

Think of the proposition and opposition side of the debate as you are researching.

Here are some articles and videos to help you. Telegraph article on the average falling cost of school uniforms in England Article from Articles Wave, a good overview tackling issues from the eyes of students and of parents.  An article from the ‘Shropshire Star and Express’ about how expensive school uniforms can be. BBC article, looking at the debate of school uniforms from the prospective of BBC readers.

Videos Very good general introduction by Newsround


2 thoughts on “THW ban school uniforms

  1. some school uniform should be banded and in some cases not.If you have school uniform people like inspecters will know the school as a group of chidren but ifyou don’t they will know them as a independant child and thats not a bad thing but when the sqabling starts that whenyou really nead schol uiform

  2. I really don’t mind my uniform, but I hate tailored trousers. They make my legs so itchy to the point that I can’t concentrate…

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